1. Why is this initiative important?

There is a dire shortage of oxygen in Delhi due to a spike in Covid cases. While the government is looking to increase oxygen supply, there are many facilities that will not be served by the first shipments of oxygen expected.

  1. Why did we decide to trigger this donation drive?

We are long-time Bay Area, California residents with our families back in Delhi. Rohit’s brother is a neurosurgeon at Apollo Hospital in Delhi and we were speaking to him a few nights ago. He told us about the acute shortage of oxygen in Delhi and the news coverage coming out of Delhi has been getting progressively worse. We felt helpless and started looking around to see what we could do.  We realized that lack of the Oxygen supplies in hospitals was an acute crisis and decide to try to help with that.

  1. What have we been able to do so far?

We have delivered 140 Oxygen Concentrators to Burari field Hospital in New Delhi (video in the Updates Tab). We are partnering with SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF), which is working with the Delhi government to distribute these.

We are also partnering with Sewa International for fundraising, identifying additional suppliers and capacity and to distribute to Tier 2 cities.

  1. What is the target amount we are trying to raise?

We are looking to raise $500,000 to be able to source more Oxygen Concentrators as well as other urgently needed Covid supplies across India.

  1. I am interested in donating – How can we help?

There are multiple ways to give:

  • CovidReliefIndia campaign through Sewa International USA. Donations will be used to procure Oxygen Concentrators and other supplies that will be distributed directly to hospitals and nursing homes across India through their sister organization Sewa International – Bharat. Donations through Sewa International may also be eligible for an employee match.
  • https://gofund.me/cec0b4ff – Gofundme campaign with SaveLife Foundation with funds directed towards Delhi government efforts.
  • https://savelifefoundation.org/covid19 : SaveLife Foundation is a 501c3 not for profit and can accept large $ donations directly into a U.S. Bank account. For those in India, please visit the SaveLife Foundation website for information on donations in India.
  1. It seems like supply for Oxygen Concentrators is a bottleneck.  If I can find additional suppliers. What should I ask for?

A sample of the Oxygen Concentrators can be seen via this link https://youtu.be/1zEkMqa3LTw

Here are a list of questions to ask:

  • Get a written product specification. Oxygen concentrators that are useful in hospital settings are 5L and 10L.
  • Ask for certification for the product including USFDA and fire safety
  • Ask for the cost of the unit plus freight and shipment charges
  • Ask for the warranty for the product? Who will provide technical support in India?
  • Do they have an agent or supplier in India that can coordinate logistics?
  • What is their current stockpile and how much can they produce/supply and by when?
  1. I am interested in helping my city/ region. How can I contribute?

Option 1: Procure Oxygen Concentrators for your city:

Step 1: Find out what is required in your region. Local governments, state authorities, and hospitals may already be procuring medical supplies needed. Find out, if possible, when those shipments are expected to arrive and what their distribution priorities are.

Step 2: Try to identify a supplier that can get supplies ahead of these existing supply projections.  If you are able to find a supplier that can reduce the lead time (and can meet the criteria in this FAQ #6), then purchase the supplier stock to secure the delivery ASAP.

Step 3: Work wth a local NGOs/Govt/hospitals for distribution logistics.

Option 2: Raise funds and work with Sewa International Covid relief

Step 1: Start a GoFundMe or other platform to raise funds from your network

Step 2: Transfer the funds raised to Sewa International.  In the comments section of the Donate page, request that these funds are earmarked for your city. This will be dependent on feasibility and requires the funding of a minimum of 50 oxygen 10L concentrator units (approximately $50k USD).

8. I have an Oxygen Concentrator to donate to an individual/NGO in India. What are the shipping requirements and the process to send from US to India?

Requirements :
  • Name of the person it is being shipped to in India ( As it appears in their govt issued ID proof in India )
  • Exact shipping address. ( Any mismatch will cause delay )
  • Phone number and email address of the recipient.
  • Package dimensions and exact weight ( Note : This should be the dimensions of the box and not the device ). For example: Dimensions – 25(H)x14(W)x13(D); Weight – 40 Lbs
  • Method of payment for 28% GST that will be imposed once Customs clearance is received. ( This will be requested by the Indian Govt during Customs check – an email will be sent to the recipient – more about this below )
  • Scanned copy of the Govt issued ID of the recipient ( Aadhaar / PAN )
  • Generate shipping label and make sure to enter the address exactly as it is in the Govt issued ID. Recipient name should also be an exact match with the ID.
  • As soon as a label is created, DST Couriers or Fedex will send a link to the person shipping the device to upload
  • Govt issued ID of the recipient. This is where their details (exactly as seen in their Govt issued ID ) are to be entered too ( link to page : https://kyc.fedex.com/#/app-landing ).
  • Drop off the package for shipping.
  • Package will reach within 3 – 5 business days ( Depending on service used and paid for ). There are multiple services depending upon the destination.
  • Once the package lands, it will go through Customs check where name and address of the recipient on the shipping label will be cross checked with the Govt issued ID uploaded.
  • Oxygen Concentrators are exempt from customs duty by the Indian Govt.
  • However, GST of 28% will have to be paid. Recipient will get an email ( provided in the form in step 2 ) from the Customs Dept asking for this amount to be paid. There is a payment portal for the same.
  • Following Customs Clearance, Fedex will complete the last leg of shipment from the port of entry to the recipient.

9. I have an Oxygen Concentrator to donate. How do I get them to the individual/NGO I have shortlisted?

Read FAQ # 8 first.  Here are some shipping options.

DST Couriers Services dstcourier.com  dstcourier.com DHL/FedEx/UPS info@dstcourier.com +1(314)472-5731 ~ $270 – Mention “Covid Relief India” for $20 discount 5 VERIFIED DELIVERIES AS OF May 3rd 2021
GarudaVega garudavega   quote DHL care@garudavega.com +1-267-855- (8342) / +1 855 855 (8342)
FedEx fedex quote FedEx support 1-800-463-3339 ~ $700
UPS Ups quote UPS support
1-866-782-7892 ~ $850
DHL dhl quote   ✔  DHL support 1-800-111-345 ~ $976 
MyUS.com myus  quote 🗶 FedEx / DHL support  1-941-227-4444

Any links to third party sites located on Covid Relief India are provided for your convenience. The prices, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time by them. We are not responsible for their changes.